Sunday, 26 July 2009

Well, here we go...

As some of you know, and some don’t, I’m at that stage of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) where my lungs are starting to give up the ghost and really aren’t working too well any more. The only option left open to me is lung transplantation and for the last 4 years the doctors at Papworth Hospital have been mentioning it more and more, getting me used to the idea.

After a couple of nasty chest infections earlier this year that landed me on IVs (intravenous antibiotics) in hospital I have dipped in my ability to exercise and use my lungs, so the docs and I agreed it was time to get properly assessed for transplant, to see if I’d be a good candidate for the surgery and the life after transplant.

I plan to post updates on here from time to time as I journey down the road to transplant, partly as a kind of catharsis for me, and partly to let everyone know what I’m up to and how I’m getting on.

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