Sunday, 26 July 2009

Vicky joins in

Hi everyone, Vicky here. Part of the reason for moving over to Blogspot was so that I could post too. Seeing as it may be some time before anything particularly dramatic happens on the transplant front, I thought we might share more of our day-to-day goings on. Not that our lives are terribly interesting, but it's either that or let things go awfully quiet for an unspecified period of time and you'll all lose interest.

You'll see from the photos Will added that we've had three lovely holidays. St Ives was mostly fish and pasty-based. Provence was hot, windy and beautiful and involved more patisserie. Aldeburgh brought a welcome return of fish but with a lot more ice cream (blame it on the children), an enormous house (ah, how we dream) and some great thunderstorms. There's something really special about the Suffolk coast and it was brilliant to see it through children's eyes. Yes, a boating pond and two small wooden sailing boats really can entertain them for hours.

Bliss, but back to work we go... And August 3rd rolls nearer...


  1. Good idea all. Posting comments and questions will increase the scope. I have a dozen bottles of Cremant de Loire for you both, very nourishing. So glad you have had such a brilliant set of holidays. See you soon (except right now I have a cold - or could it be ------ Oink Atishoo)
    Steve (Vicky's Dad)

  2. Hiya both,

    The hols look good and great pics!!

    Thinking of you and we are sending you something...

    Love from Auntie Jane xx