Sunday, 26 July 2009

The holiday bonanza

I hear that people have checked back to see if I’ve written anything new and since I hadn’t were worried if I was ok. I’m fine and have just been having a month or two of holiday interspersed with a little work. In an effort to use up holiday opportunities before going on the list, as well as seeing family properly, we’ve been away quite a bit.

Problem is that I’ve got quite used to working in a week-on, week-off way and so the unbroken stretch between next week and Christmas is stressing us both out rather!

We went to St. Ives, enjoyed West Cornwall and thought about trying to walk the south west coast path when I’ve got breathing power. To Provence with Vicky’s mum and sisters. And are just back from Aldeburgh in Suffolk with my sister and her brood and my mum.

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