Friday, 4 September 2009

Vicky is famous!

Vicky hit the mainstream media yesterday when the Cambridge Evening News ran a story about the population explosion in Cambourne near Cambridge. Then it got into the Telegraph and this morning we discover it ran in the Sun!

Vicky is quoted and is obviously annoyed that a) she sounds quite boring and b) that they took various numbers out of context, but I think that having your name and quote in the Sun is something to be proud of!

1 comment:

  1. It's always a nightmare being quoted, particularly when it relates to numbers, and even more so when it's in so many national newspapers! And Vicky, you’re a statistician – when does that ever sound not boring??? Poor Vicky ;o) Don't take it personally - remember that this is coming from an accountant!

    Back to transplant-related news; my colleague's dad had his desperately-needed (do they do them otherwise?!) liver transplant last Wednesday. He's doing very well and was up and about on Saturday. I know the liver and lung operations and causes are totally different kettles of fish - or indeed, clamshells (ouch) - but I thought it might be encouraging to hear.

    And happy birthday! Hope you have fun.