Monday, 14 September 2009

The Skoda of Adventure: Four Go To Foxes Earth

A happy weekend this one. Maddy started at Foxes Academy on Saturday and Will and I went down to Minehead in Somerset with her and my mum. After tearful goodbyes to the house, the dogs, sister Chloe, the cat etc etc, we headed off in mum's shiny new car, bound for the seaside. When we saw Butlins we knew we were almost there. Maddy's new accommodation is at Foxes Earth, along with eight other female 'learners'. It was fantastic to see where she'll be living, to help her settle into her new room, and to feel what a relaxed and positive place Foxes is. As soon as we got there Maddy was super-cool, and there were no tears at all when we left her to it. (Well, I nearly cried, but managed to get a grip so as not to embarrass her.) It was a completely beautiful day and we managed a potter on the beach in the sun before reboarding the Skoda, just three of us this time, for the next part of the Adventure...

Recording the moment
Maddy's new home

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