Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Just a virus then

I've had a good series of indecisive wobbles over the last few days. Having been offered the FOB on Friday morning and turned it down, I woke up on Friday feeling not so hot and my blows were down so I rang again. They managed to squeeze me in and so I did get the FOB after all. Karthick (sp?), the doc doing the bronch said he'd take a look and use his judgement whether to take a biopsy to check for rejection. When I woke up on the ward he said he'd seen inflammation of the upper airway and that was consistent with a virus, and lower down looked ok so he didn't take the biopsy.

Today I went back to clinic and the tests from the bronchi didn't grow any bacteria (so no antibiotics) but did grow adenovirus, i.e. a cold.

So it seems I have a virus and will just have to wait to get better. As the doc said today 'unfortunately you are in the land of normal people for this one - nothing we can do'.

Reassuring I guess but I'd really like that lung function back, and whatever is said I know I'll be anxious until my blows are back to normal.

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  1. I can understand the concern, but at least they actually identified the virus and so no guessing. Get that cold out of you and you will get those numbers back!

  2. I hope that no news is good news? I'm busy petting dogs for a living (amongst other, much duller, stuff)and we're getting the drive done in anticipation of me buying a car - will send you a photo when I get one but I think Will, you'll be jealous!
    Take care and enjoy xmas shopping this year in a way that you couldn't last year :o)
    Love to the world,
    Nearly BSc Me (3 weeks 'til the final result)