Saturday, 15 May 2010

clinic update

Had clinic on Thursday and my lung function numbers confirmed something odd that happened between Monday and Tuesday earlier this week - I somehow discovered an extra 300ml of vital capacity, and a bit more FEV1. This has happened a couple of times since the transplant, and each time it's been preceeded by a creaking feeling between my lungs and the chest wall, as if I am muscularly learning to yank out an extra bit of chest a bit further. After the creaking stops, the lung function goes up step-wise.

So my numbers are now just over 100% predicted for FVC, and around 90% for FEV1. Pretty happy with that!


  1. That sounds amazing! Good work!


  2. wonderful!...those are great numbers

  3. Weird ... But sounds good weird.

  4. Weird. Nice one. That's a whole extra can of coke.