Monday, 22 February 2010

The weird and the wonderful

No particular news at the moment (which is good news in itself I suppose), but here are a few anecdotes to keep you going:

1) The weird

A few nights ago our landline rang at 11.30pm. Will and I were well tucked up in bed. The short version of the story is that I eventually answered the phone - it was a slightly confused Will's mum - there was no drama and I went back to bed. The longer version emerged when I talked to Will about it in the morning and discovered we'd shared an identical thought pattern on hearing the phone ring:
- Oh my god, it's The Call, they must have lungs for Will.
- No, wait, Will already got his lungs.
- So are they giving him another pair?
- Nope, that doesn't happen.
- They must be ringing to tell us his lungs have stopped working.
- But why are they doing that in the middle of the night? And how do they know??
Took a while for the adrenalin to subside, I can tell you.

2) The wonderful

a) We realised that at Will's last clinic appointment, when they hooked him up to do his obs, we were so busy looking at the blood pressure numbers that we completely forgot to even look at his oxygen saturation. How times have changed.

b) On Saturday we went to a wedding and we cheesy-wedding-danced until the music stopped at midnight. The last time we made it to the end of a wedding was our own, 22 months ago.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! It must have been great when you realised you could just go back to sleep! Is Wim sleeping better now?
    Just spoke to Mum/in-law and she sounded quite a bit brighter than she has of late. She said it was a nice day down there, so maybe that was cheering her up a bit.
    Nice to have spring to look forward to?
    Keep dancing!
    Love Jane xx